Keynote: John T. Chambers

Founder and CEO, JC2 Ventures
Former Chairman & CEO, Cisco

Learning from Experience

Keynote: Baoqiu Cui

VP of AI and Cloud Platform, Xiaomi Inc.

Fastest Internationally Growing Disruptive Business 

Conference Chair: Henry Chesbrough

Professor & Faculty Director, Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation

Father of Open Innovation 


Industry Chair: Solomon Darwin

Executive Director, Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation



5th Annual World Open Innovation Conference

Digital Transformation for Sustainability

Keynote: Melissa Schilling

Professor of Management & Organization, NYU Stern

Keynote: Scott Stern

Professor, MIT Sloan School of Management

Call for Challenges

Submit a challenge on managing open innovation in your organization. Each challenge will be evaluated based on the applicant’s ability to articulate an important open innovation challenge that other organizations are also likely to experience.

Categories Include: Organizational Culture; Business Model; IP Policy; R&D issues

Call for Papers

We specifically call for research that shows how digital solutions help address sustainability challenges in the context of open innovation as well as related work that addresses such interconnections.

Topics Include: Open Innovation Behavior & Cognition; Open Innovation Strategy and Design; Open Innovation Communities and Users; Open Innovation Ecosystems; Open Policy & Governance.

Learn from Corporate Challenges presented by: 


Digital Transformation for Sustainability

The world is currently facing major trends that fundamentally change the ways in which organizations must innovate. We currently face grand challenges in the areas of climate change, traffic safety, food ecologies and life expectancy that need to be addressed through an integrative, collaborative and global perspective.

This year’s conference theme, “Digital Transformation for Sustainability”, aims at creating a more inclusive and collaborative approach to understand and cope with the underlying uncertainty of the problems and what the possible solutions may be.