WOIC 2019 Theme:

Opening Up for Managing Business and Societal Challenges

In a time of slow growth and rising uncertainty, businesses can find hidden growth opportunities in societal challenges to enable transformation. Societal challenges (or grand challenges) bring together resources and knowledge from different fields, technologies and disciplines, including social sciences and the humanities.  These challenges expand the range of what is possible, creating new sources of growth.  At WOIC 2019, Open Innovation experts combine their business experience with transformational objectives, with academic perspectives on societal challenges. This year’s conference theme: “Opening Up for Managing Business and Societal Challenges” brings together conceptual research theories and pragmatic insights that will be presented by Open Innovation thought leaders in academia and industry.  Our keynote speaker will be Francesco Starace, CEO of Enel, and a visionary who has led remarkable developments in green and renewable energy.

The World Open Innovation Conference is UC Berkeley’s flagship program at the Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation that is designed to engage senior executives of global firms and top academic experts from around the world to address corporate challenges and provide focus for further research.

World leading organizations share their open innovation challenges with expert academic colleagues to foster stronger connections between business practice and academia. A select group of top academic scholars present their research on the topics that might improve the performance of real organizations. We believe that sharing of knowledge, challenges and ideas between the two groups will accelerate innovations and produce more scalable and sustainable business models to better the world.