Call for Challenges

5th Annual World Open Innovation Conference
Submit by October 15, 2018

What to Expect?

If your submission is accepted:

Pre-Engagement Phase:

You will be assigned an open innovation expert/practitioner and an academic research scholar closely related to your challenge. The objective of this exercise is to “Process” and “Frame the Challenge” to generate good discussion and solicit around the table with those with similar challenges and academics who are interested in the topic to provide input.

You can expect 3-4 hours of dialogue with the pre-engagement team. Your company’s name and identity will remain anonymous and will only be revealed to the Pre-engagement team who will help in framing the challenge. We have chosen the following four categories as they are most relevant to the organizations that we work with.

The Conference Session

1. A special co-creation session aimed at accelerating and speeding the challenge-solving process will be held during the World Open Innovation Conference.

2. A community of experts from all disciplines will participate and collaborate in small groups at each table. Their insights will be tabulated and collected for your use after the conference.

3. As noted above, all discussions will be held according to Chatham House rules, to foster open and honest dialogue to best address your challenge.