Call for Papers

7th Annual World Open Innovation Conference


We invite submissions of either extended abstracts (1,500-3,000 words, all inclusive) or full papers (5,000-10,000 words, all-inclusive) for empirical or conceptual papers — with theoretical and/or managerial implications (both due on August 25). These will be considered for the research paper portion of the program. Papers related to the conference theme are encouraged but this is not a requirement. As part of the submission process, you will be asked to indicate 3 to 5 bullet points of managerial highlights that can be derived from the paper and that will be relevant for the practitioners participating in the conference (maximum 100 characters, including spaces, per bullet point).

 Authors may choose to submit either type of submission (extended abstracts or full papers), depending on the stage of development of the work they want to present. There will not be a requirement for submitters of (accepted) extended abstracts to submit their full paper. In other words, only one submission will be required. Note that submission of a full paper is a requirement to be considered for awards and/or CMR special section (see more below).

During the submission process, we kindly ask authors to select whether or not the submission fits the conference theme and, if it does not, to select one of the above “open innovation topics” (#’s 1-6) that best fits their submission. These topics will be used in the review process and design of the conference program. We aim to group papers together on the basis of their topics, stage of development, and reviewer evaluation. Papers may be accepted as traditional paper presentations or as a presentation in a more ‘developmental’ format (the exact format is to be determined once we can reach a final decision on whether the conference will be held in person or online).

The submissions will be reviewed by the WOIC Editorial Board. We will also ask submitting authors whether they are willing to help out as reviewers. The reviewers will also be asked to provide short feedback on each of the submissions (extended abstract or full paper) they review.

All submissions for research papers will be evaluated along the following criteria:

  • Theoretical background and development
  • Potential theoretical contribution to open innovation research
  • Methodological rigor
  • Managerial implications for open innovation practice and/or policy
  • Clarity of writing
  • Fit to conference theme (a fit to the conference theme is encouraged but not required for acceptance)

The reviewers will be asked to take into account whether the submission is an extended abstract or a full paper. In some cases, and especially for extended abstracts, acceptance decisions will be based on a draft that is not yet fully finished — sometimes implying that the analysis of data may not be fully complete. While this is acceptable, the submission should still describe completed (rather than planned) research, and the submitted draft should in itself be complete and coherent. We expect that at least data are collected and initial analyses are done to present preliminary results and conclusions. Proposals that talk about data to be collected will be deferred to a future conference. The extended abstracts and full papers that are accepted for presentation at the conference will be shared among the conference participants.

“Rule of One”

Every author is allowed to present only one paper at the conference. It is allowed to have more than one paper accepted if each paper is presented by a different co-author.

Special Section in California Management Review

The journal California Management Review (CMR) will publish a special section on “Open Innovation” with selected papers from this conference. Submission of a full paper on August 25 is required to be considered for the special section. The submitted full papers will be shortlisted based on the above-mentioned criteria — with a fit to the conference theme being encouraged but not required. Authors who aim for the special section are encouraged to submit high quality research with clear managerial implications and to write the paper in line with the style of CMR (see

In connection to the notification of accepted submissions to the conference, authors with papers shortlisted for the CMR special section will be notified and given the opportunity to improve their manuscripts before submitting them for the CMR review process on October 15. A development workshop is organized during the conference to provide additional feedback on the shortlisted papers and to discuss how to develop the papers based on the first round of reviews. If you have questions regarding this process, please contact Marcus Holgersson (