Industry Sessions

7th Annual World Open Innovation Conference


We invite you to participate in the World Open Innovation Conference to deep dive into how to manage open innovation in your organization. We will propose discussions on relevant open innovation issues that other organizations are likely to experience in a corporate, public agency, or non-profit setting. The Industry Sessions at WOIC our Call for Papers to academics: the paper presenting most relevant managerial implications are invited to the Industry Sessions, to foster a collaborative environment between the academic and practitioner community. We offer conference participants the opportunity to tap into the collective mind of the conference participants and access knowledge on managing open innovation in different context. All discussions will be conducted under Chatham House Rules.


    • The Industry Session:
      • Each Session will focus on pre-selected topics that appear to be pressing issues to the industrial and academic community of open innovation. For further details, please see the “Session Topics” page.
      • A Moderator will be assigned to each Session, to stimulate the debate and guarantee a dynamic and constructive discussion.
      • A community of experts from all disciplines will participate to the discussion.