Recipients from the 4th Annual World Open Innovation Conference

The Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation is pleased to announce the winners of the Best Emerging Scholar Paper Award and Best Student Paper Award.

This year’s winners received a plaque and a $1,000 cash award. The awards were presented to the winners at the 4th Annual World Open Innovation Conference held December 13-15, 2017 in San Francisco, CA.

The 2017 Best Emerging Scholar Paper Award

Presented to:

Liang Mei

“Navigating Open Innovation under Institutional Influence: Lessons from China High-Speed Rail Industry”

The 2017 Best Student Paper Award

Presented to:

Krithika Randhawa

“Crowdsourcing without Profit: How Seeker Intent and Strategies Enable Open Social Innovation”

(co-authors: Ralf Wilden & Joel West)

Runner-up: Best Emerging Scholar

Runner-up(s): Best Student Paper

Maral Mahdad

“Harnessing Adaptive Capacity to Close Pandora’s Box of Open Innovation”

(co-authors: Chiara Eleonora De Marco, Andrea Piccaluga, & Alberto Di Minin)

Els De Maeijer

“The Give and Take of Industry-Academia Partnerships: A Liminal Approach to Open Innovation”

(co-authors: Tom Van Hout & Mathieu Weggeman)

Göran Smith

“Outbound Open Innovation in the Public Sector: The Roles of Intermediaries”

(co-author: Asif Akram)