Ernesto Ciorra

Chief Innovability Officer, Enel

Ernesto Ciorra was named Head of the Enel Group’s Innovability (Innovation and Sustainability) Function in September 2014.
He began his career as a partner at consulting firm Busacca & Associati, helping telecommunications businesses in a number of innovative projects. In 2003 Mr. Ciorra founded the consulting firm Ars et Inventio, which he headed up until taking up his current position. He supported the planning of the Chief Innovation Officer Function at leading firms around the world, coming up with innovative ideas that have since become popular worldwide.

Mr. Ciorra taught Innovation Management at a number of Italian and Spanish universities and was the scientific coordinator of the Masters in Innovation Management ran by Italian newspaper Sole24Ore’s Business School. He was also a member of the advisory board of the Master in Innovation Strategy at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, and the director of the Advanced Innovation Management Programme at the IE Business School in Madrid.

He is also the author of three collections of poems and a play that has been performed in a number of Italian theatres.