4th Annual World Open Innovation Conference

Presenter Guidelines for WOIC 2017

Welcome to WOIC 2017! To help you plan your high-quality presentation, we offer the following guidelines to help you prepare and deliver your presentation.

Your Presentation

Here are some helpful hints for both the preparation and delivery of your high-quality talk:

  • Each author will have 15 minutes to present his or her paper. After your presentation, a designated discussant will provide comments on your paper in maximum 5 minutes. The discussant will read your paper before the session to prepare for his or her comments. This will be followed by maximum 10 minutes for Q&A with the audience. Note that it is important to respect the 15 minutes for your presentation. If you exceed the allocated time, this will go off your time for Q&A.
  • The discussant will also act as the session chair who will manage the time for the talks in your session and keep speakers on track. It is important that you respect the timing of the session to provide an equal opportunity to each presenter (and to respect break/networking time). If you do exceed the allowed time, the discussant has been instructed to deduct this from your time for Q&A to be able to stay on track with the entire session. If there is time left at the end of the session, the discussant will facilitate a general discussion about the topic(s) discussed during the session (or to get back to any particular presentation or question).
  • Be sure to include industry implications of your work for those from industry, and to enable a better bridging between theory and practice. The WOIC audience includes participants from a wide variety of disciplines, both from academia and industry. Make sure that your talk includes enough background material, thus that it can be understood by those who are not familiar with your specific research area.
  • At the same time, we recommend only relatively briefly presenting the research question, background literature and methodology, just highlighting key aspects, so that you can spend more time on the findings and discussion.
  • Most sessions will have 3 presentations but in case your session has only 2 presentations, we suggest you to stick to this 15+5+10 minutes schedule to accommodate people moving from one session to another.

The Setting

The conference rooms will be equipped with the following presentation equipment:

  • one screen
  • one LCD projector
  • one laptop which has MS Windows OS
  • one clicker for advancing slides
  • (for sufficiently large rooms) one portable clip-on microphone

Remember to bring a copy of your presentation on a memory stick.

Please make sure in advance that your presentation runs with a 1024 x 768 resolution, which is the standard resolution for the projectors at the conference. There will be VGA adapters for connecting the Windows OS based laptop. We highly recommend that you use the laptop provided. However, if you need to use your own laptop, please notify your session chair in advance, and bring your own laptop with the appropriate adapters (e.g. to hook up your Mac or iPad).

We strongly suggest that you test if your presentation works properly on the provided equipment in advance of your presentation (e.g. the evening before your presentation or early during lunch breaks).

Please make sure to meet with your session chair 15 minutes before your session starts. Session information will be provided.

NOTE: There will be no time extensions for your talk if you encounter technical difficulties.

Meet Your Discussant/Session Chair

Each session has a discussant who will also act as session chair to coordinate the session, briefly introducing you to the audience and giving you reminders about the time. Check the WOIC 2017 program overview for the name of your session chair.

Make sure you:

  1. Meet your discussant/session chair before your session so he/she will know who you are; provide brief information about yourself that may be used by your session chair to introduce you (e.g., how to pronounce your name, institution, current position).
  2. Meet your session chair at least 15 minutes before the beginning of your session, and coordinating uploading of your and the other presentations on a single device.

We request you to be present throughout the session in which your presentation occurs. This shows respect to your fellow presenters, allows for cross-fertilization across presentations, and accommodates a general discussion at the end of the session (if time permits — or in the break of course).

Discussant/Session Chairs

Please find guidelines below:

  • Check to see that projector and microphone both work before starting the session. There will be an AV technician on-site, so please ask for help if you encounter any technical problems.
  • Please read the three papers before the conference. We will make the full papers available to you and all other conference participants on Monday, Nov. 27th. You will receive a link from which you can download the three papers assigned to your session.
  • Prepare a short introduction to the session (3 minutes max.) in which you introduce the theme of the session as well as outline how the three papers are connected and how they contribute to the broader research field of open innovation
  • Prepare comments for each paper/presentation (5 minutes max for each). It is up to you to decide whether you would like to use power point slides or provide your feedback without any visual aids. For each paper/presentation, please
    • Outline 1-2 key strengths (e.g. core contribution)
    • Provide 2-3 suggestions (constructive feedback) how the paper could be improved
    • Prepare 1-2 questions that invite the author and the audience to engage in a fruitful discussion.
  • After your 5 minutes discussion of the paper, please facilitate a 10-minute discussion with the broader audience; or in case there is time at the end of the session when a more general discussion to connect the different papers can take place.
  • You are responsible for time management throughout the session.
  • Load the presentation materials to the laptop in the meeting room before the session with help of the other presenters.
  • Keep speakers on time. Each speaker has maximum 15 minutes to present his or her paper. To help you do this, we will provide time warning signs that you should keep up clearly for the presenter to see them.
  • If a speaker is out of time, you are encouraged to indicate this to the presenter and if needed you can stand up as clear hint that time is up. If someone take more than the allocated 15 minutes, this will go off the time for Q&A.
  • End your session on time.

Poster Session Presenters

The poster session will be held at a reception on Thursday, December 14th from 6:15-7:15pm – after the last conference session and before the conference dinner.

Please bring your poster – either as a single sheet (of A0 or less) or as a series of slides.  Please remember that your audience will probably be 2-3′ (70-100cm) away from the poster/slides and thus your fonts should be large enough to read from that distance. We recommend using large keywords, key sentences, and illustrations to keep things readable, provide a good overview, and make your poster visually attractive. Try to avoid adding too many details. This can be provided by giving some handouts. Of course, the idea is that you can explain more details in a face-to-face discussion with the audience. In addition, it could be useful to take enough business cards or a one pager with your details on it, so that people can contact you for more information.

We have made three policy decisions to maximize the audience for the poster sessions:

  • Your poster is during drinks before dinner. We expect most conference attendees will want to be there. Please make sure to arrive on time before the session starts to set up your poster.
  • Every presenter will get the same number of drink tickets. These are the only free drink tickets at the reception for you to hand out to those you believe have meaningfully engaged with your poster. We encourage you to set a reasonable time quota (2 minutes? 5?) for “earning” a drink ticket, as adjusted by the level of interest at your poster.

Before the poster session begins, every presenter will get 30 seconds with no slides to sell the audience to come to their presentation. We will have a microphone for you to make your introduction, so you should write out and practice your sales pitch. Make sure to be ready by arriving on time and practicing your pitch beforehand. 30 seconds is not a lot of time but should be enough to explain who you are, where you work, and what your poster is about – try to emphasize something that will make people interested to visit your poster!


All presenters attending the conference must be registered and have paid the registration fee. Except for poster presenters, all presenters should have uploaded their full paper by November 1st.

If you have any questions about presentations, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Marcel Bogers, Academic Program Chair,

Ann-Kristin Zobel, Associate Program Chair,

Jonathan Sims, Associate Program Chair,

We look forward to your participation at WOIC 2017 in San Francisco!

Download Presenter Guidelines PDF