Call for Papers
Academic Award Finalists:

for Best Paper by a Student and Emerging Scholar

Student Awards:

1) Barriers in profiting from inbound open innovation: A contingency approach of organizational design (Bernadette Baumstark).

2) Online Intermediaries and Service Co-creation Capabilities: An Exploratory Case Study of Client Engagement for Open Innovation (Krithika Randhawa, and Ralf Wilden).

3)  Why open innovation is easier said than done: An organizational identity perspective (Maral Mahdad, Andrea Piccaluga & Alberto Di Minin).

Emerging Scholar Award:

1) The role of open innovation mindset in entrepreneur’s alertness and firm’s financial performance (Kaja Rangus & Alenka Slavec).

2) Does social inducement lead to higher open innovation investment? An experimental study (Shuanping Dai & Guanzhong Yang).


The finalists of the awards will be honored during the conference and on the WOIC website. The winner of each award will receive a plaque and a $1,000 cash reward.